China is a nation in a state of continuous flux – with more than two hundred million people expected to become urban citizens in the next decade, and millions moving into new homes for the first time every year.

Yet, while home ownership and the aspiration to a better life has become part of what is now being called ‘the Chinese dream’, consumer spending is still not as high as the Chinese government would hope, with concerns about the cost of living, education and welfare all affecting consumer confidence.

The mass migration to the cities has placed enormous strain on the resources of local governments, with many of the nation’s new urban citizens still more or less excluded from receiving social welfare.

The rush to a more luxurious way of life is also a major threat to the environment – China’s cities today are struggling to cope with dire air quality, gridlock on the roads and a lack of public spaces. New solutions and ideas are urgently needed.

As the city changes their lifestyles, people aspire for something new. Searching for meaning, shifts in values,

All of which impacting organizations, ways people work, interact and live.

What is the attraction about? What are the ambivalences? What are the changes and challenges the city is facing? What are the opportunities and how does the bigger picture in China look like?

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  • In the Footsteps of Women Who Made History in China, with Mediator Dr. Annette Erpenstein
  • From Xintiandi to Gongyi Xintiandi – Inside China’s Third Sector, with NGO Expert Dr. Annette Mehlhorn 
  • Lessons Learned from Gen Y and Gen Z, with College Counsellor and Shanghai Native Shen Li
  • And More!