A country with a 5000 year long history, China fascinates. Trying to understand the contemporary Chinese society requires looking at what influence its culture over centuries: Education, religion, food are all clues helping to decipher the Chinese psyche.

For instance, religions have always played a crucial role in China, shaping and determining at times the course of history, while being an integral and colorful part of daily Chinese life in the past and the present. Confucianism has been understood as pillar of Chinese society, whereas Buddhism came as an imported religion from India. Daoism comprises not only the writings of Laoze, but also all forms of popular culture and practice like astrology, palmistry and other forms of divination. Christianity and Islam also have their important places and roles in the religious landscape of China. How was the integration of all kinds of religions in the Chinese empire and what’s the role of religion today?

Join our experts on a journey into Chinese culture!


  • Former Religions, Modern Beliefs: Today’s Religious Landscape in China with Scholar and Author Dr. Ines Eben von Racknitz
  • Chinese Food – A True Cultural Heritage with German author Dr. Marcus Hernig
  • From Confucius to Contemporary China: a Walk on Education in Fudan Campus with Fudan University scholar Dr. Yu Zhejun