Art History Researcher and Writer

Shunhua Jin is a young art history researcher and writer located in Shanghai with experience of working in both galleries and art centers.

She completed her Bachelor’s degree in English and International Relations in 2015, and then continued on a Master’s degree in art history and theory, with a special focus on Western modern art and contemporary art.

Shunhua is PhD candidate in art philosophy at Fudan University this year. Since 2016 she has written art critique for the art magazine “Art Monthly”, and also organized exhibitions independently. With deep knowledge in art and history, along with good expressive ability in both French and English, Shunhua has lead tours and walks for art historians, artists, and amateurs.


  • Art Scene Shanghai


  • English
  • Chinese
  • French

On the occasion of an associates meeting we have walked with SHANGHAI FLANEUR expert Bert de Muynck on the topic of "Shanghai Mega City on the Move".
The walk was instructive and relaxing at the same time. We learnt about the past and the present of the city without being overwhelmed by too much information. The unique side of the walk was the uncommon way to visit some places that we all know here: entering the Peace Hotel via a small door, visiting an art gallery in a non renovated building in the Peninsula area, taking the ferry to go to Pudong, etc.

Gregory Rastello, Managing Director - carewan Asia