Janny Chyn

Chinese Culture Expert

Portrait of Janny Chyn, Founder Shanghai PathwaysJanny Chyn has always been fascinated about her hometown of Shanghai. Throughout her extensive travels around the world, she came to appreciate Shanghai for its many inherent qualities found nowhere else in the world. Living in Shanghai, Janny realized how difficult it was for visitors to experience the real Shanghai and discover the hidden beauty of this city on “The Road Less Travelled”.  This ultimately compelled her to establish a platform to engage learning and understanding through culture activities.

Janny has been featured in media outlets including the Shanghai Courier, CNNgo, Tripadvisor and TimeOut. In addition to designing and hosting various tours and events, Janny is an expert in Chinese tea, studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. She also spends time researching Chinese history, offers lectures and published articles about heritage traditions. Before focusing on her passion for Shanghai and Chinese culture, Janny worked in corporate training, business consulting and marketing research.


  • Lost and Forgotten Shanghai


  • English
  • Mandarin