Photographer, Co-Founder Flaneur

Portrait of Jan Siefke a photographer and Shanghai expert knowledgeJan Siefke, a German photographer, graduated from the Faculty of Design (photography/film) of Dortmund University of Applied Sciences in 1998. His thesis on Hongkong 1997 first brought him to Asia, it resulted in the work “People Mountain People Sea”.  He lives in Shanghai since 1999, working as freelance photographer in the field of reportage, corporate and architecture photography.

Jan Siefke is a co-founder of the Shanghai Flaneur. Living 14 years in Shanghai gave him a new perspective on city development, constantly looking for changes and exploring new views and buildings to climb up to. When he is not chasing after best locations for a new shooting he might as well look into the cities past, being an active member of the group Explore Shanghai Heritage (ESH). Jan Siefke was born in Einbeck Germany in 1967.


  • Shanghai Mega City on the Move – History, Present and Future of Shanghai’s Urban Development
  • Urban Trekking: Shanghai 360°: From Park Hyatt to Park Hotel, Revisiting the Highest Buildings in Shanghai Past and Present


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