Scholar, Sinologist & Historian

Ines _SDr. Ines Eben von Racknitz has studied sinology, history, literature and religions in Berlin, Beijing and the United States and currently teaches Chinese history at Nanjing University. Her expertise and passion evolve around topics like European colonial history (particularly British and German history in China), and around Chinese art, religion and literature of late Imperial and Republican China. She wrote her PhD thesis about the British-French military expedition to China in 1860 and particularly about the so called “old summer palace” of the Qing emperors, the Yuanming yuan and is currently preparing a book in Chinese cartography in the 19th century.

For Shanghai Flaneur, Ines leads walks and talks that offer an in depth historic panorama of European and Chinese history. Some of her more specialized topics include: “Famous Chinese intellectuals in the French Concession area”, “The Soong sisters”, and “Portraits of German Business People around the Turn of the Century” or the topic of Chinese religions.


  • On the Traces of the Sino-Foreign Encounter, Chinese German relations
  • On the traces of the German Community
  • Former Religions, Modern Beliefs: Today’s Religious Landscape in China


  • English
  • German
  • Mandarin
  • French

I would like describing the tour as informative and interesting. The unique part is the professor's understanding of China and the cultural revolution. I got a total different perspective of the history and the walking track helped me deeply understood the period as well as the historical figures.Dr. Ines is very knowledgeable and passionate.

Evelyn Wang , Program Coordinator, CET Academic Programs

I am happy to say that I greatly enjoyed taking the tour with Ines. It was great fun and very well presented, lively and knowledgeable. I did learn a lot and enjoyed it, so congratulations to Ines for delivering such a wonderful walk.

Susanne Wiesemann, Owner of redRobin.

Topic and the stories along the route are interesting and many impressive information. The expert is very knowledgeable, patient and open for all the questions

David Merkle, Project Assistant at Konrad Adenauer Foundation