Chief architect and project manager at von Gerkan Marg and Partners, Shanghai

FANNY HOFFMANN-LOSSArchitect and project manager at the German architectural firm gmp von Gerkan Marg and Partners, Fanny Hoffmann-Loss studied at the Technical University Berlin and at Tongji University Shanghai. Having a strong interest in China, she also studied Mandarin at the Beijing Language Institute in the early 1990s and sinology at the Free University of Berlin.

Since 2006, she is working in Shanghai as chief architect and project manager for gmp. As a member of Shanghai Flaneur, Fanny regularly leads study tours and walks for architecture professionals, business people, politicians and academics alike.

Her interests include housing, urbanization, high-rise building design and technology, future towns, and mega city development in general. Her diploma thesis from 1998, “A Jewish Center for Shanghai”, explored the Jewish history of Shanghai, with a particular focus on the role of Shanghai during WW II.

Fanny is a well-versed international citizen: she spent her childhood in Israel, Pakistan, Germany and Greece.


  • Shanghai Mega-City on the Move
  • When Size Matters: Walk & Talk Among Shanghai’s Super Talls
  • Lilongs: Villages in the Concrete Jungle
  • South Bund Redevelopment
  • From Local to Global – In Quest of Shanghai’s Urban and Architectural Identity
  • Historical Bund Facelift: What’s New in Shanghai’s “Old” Skyline?
  • Shanghai’s New Riverfront – Walk the Skyline
  • Finding New York City in Shanghai
  • Tracing Shanghai’s Jewish History – From Peace Hotel to Wartime Shanghai


  • Lingang New City “Born from a drop” – An excursion to one of Shanghai’s New Cities designed by gmp (day drip)


  • English
  • German
  • Mandarin

The knowledge about the Shanghai’s top 3 towers was special. It was great to see pictures and drawings from the past and today. I live in Shanghai for almost 10 years and it was great to learn something what you can see actually everyday.

Daniel Yoo, Chief Representative of VDMA China - Shanghai Representative Office, Sep. 2016

For a delegation of Austrian health industry professionals we had booked an excursion with SHANGHAI FLANEUR on the topic of "Shanghai Mega City on the Move"
We were guided by architect Fanny-Hoffmann Loss. Our feedback: Excellent! Super interesting topic, a lot of insider and background information, very different to the usual sightseeing tours.
We were truly impressed by the experts knowledge and dedication and would recommend her straight away to any other client.

Christina Schösser, Consul Commercial Affairs, Austrian Consulate General, Shanghai, Nov. 2015

It’s a great privilege to be guided by an industry professional, who is personally involved in the construction of this area. I learned a great variety of new facts of the kind that would not be accessible in any other context. Fanny is a superb guide. The variety of media she used – plans, sections, timeline photos, even a movie clip – were great enhancers of the experience.

Katya Knyazeva, Journalist, photographer, writer and illustration artist

The topic (Mega City on the Move) was great. There is no better way to understand the history of a place than understanding the creation and destruction of its landmarks. It is so symbolic and powerful a topic and perfect for Shanghai. Not only is she an expert in terms of the architecture but she has also experienced the growth of this city from an integrated cultural vantage point. I enjoyed the mixture of science, anecdotal and economic information she shared with us. I would have stayed another 4 hours. I had so much fun. I thought everyone was very supportive, from the Flaneur associates to the tourists. Even under heavy cloud cover I still feel like I know that skyline on a much more personal level than I would have thought possible.

Michael McClocklin, SUIS International Schools Shanghai

Topic (The West Bund ­ A New Urban District In The Making) itself is interesting and informative. I sort of witness the development of this area, since I live pretty nearby; however, each time I pass by, I wonder about the future plan, without a clue in mind. The tour from an architect’s perspective definitely answers a bunch of my questions.
It was a pleasant walk with Fanny, as always. She gave insights in a professional yet entertaining way. I also like her sharing of the anecdotes very much.I will definitely share my experience with my friends and encourage those who are interested to join the future tours.

Lucy Zhang, Marketing in Adhesives of Automotive, Metal, and Aerospace - Asia Pacific

I like the topic of Shanghai’s Skyline a lot because it is something we all talk and even brag about but usually only few of us have actual in-depth knowledge about the urban development and individual skyscrapers. Fanny was absolutely marvelous: professional, funny, well-informed and just technical enough to be interesting but never intimidating or boring.

Kerstin Kaehler, former Executive Secretary to CEO at German Centre Shanghai

Walking in a soft rainy day, we are looking for the old memories with Fanny Hoffmann-Loss, a graceful German lady. It is the city where I was born and grew up, but I really know little things about it. Amazing walking tour! Amazing old Shanghai history! It is the most special annual meeting I have ever experienced.

Jenny, CET Academic Programs