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Anne Warr_DSC9935smallDr. Anne Warr studied architecture and history in Sydney, Australia. During her time in Shanghai (2003-2009) she taught conservation studies at Tongji University and worked for the Australian Architectural firm “AJ+C”. She has just completed her PhD at the University of New South Wales, her topic being “Women and the Modern City: Shanghai 1930s”. Anne’s seminal guidebook Shanghai Architecture Guide (Watermark Press) is available at Garden Book Store (Changle Lu). The group “Explore Shanghai Heritage” still exists and is hosted by its other founder Dr. Silvia Kettelhut.
Anne is currently based in Sydney but comes to Shanghai a few times a year and could be occasionally available for walks and talks.


  • Architecture and urban development
  • Expat women of Shanghai in the 1930s


  • Shanghai Architecture Guide


  • English

The topic was very interesting. I googled the ladies discussed and am looking forward to reading several books about / authored by them. As always a pleasure to listen to. Anne has so many fascinating anecdotes to tell!
I love topics that cover 1920-1930 's as so much was happening in Shanghai.

Sigrid Brede

Very interesting, I learned about amazing women. Anne is always interesting and full of information.

Brigitte Elie, owner of ecoBibi