Erik Walenza

Startup & Innovation Expert

Erik Walenza is the CEO of IoT ONE, the Co-chair of the American Chamber of Commerce Technology & Innovation Committee, and the Shanghai Director of Startup Grind.

IoT ONE is the leading source of information and insight regarding Industrial Internet of Things vendors and technologies. Companies work with IoT ONE to conduct technology research, plan digital transformation strategies, and build organizations capable of ideating, building, and deploying digital solutions. As Co-chair of the AmCham Technology & Innovation Committee, Erik works with AmCham members and partners to develop and exchange best practices for innovation strategy and technology trend mapping. And through Startup Grind, Erik supports the development of Shanghai’s innovation ecosystem. He has interviewed over 50 CEOs, VC partners, and domain experts and built one of Shanghai’s largest networks of entrepreneurs and investors. He regularly advises early stage entrepreneurs and provides introductions to help small teams leverage external resources to drive their growth.


  • Start-up City


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