passionate professionals from all walks of life, with broad expertise covering a variety of topics

Fanny Hoffmann-Loss

Chief Architect and Project Manager

Dr. Andrew Field

Asia Scholar, Author and Educator

Professor Dr. Zheng HAN

Urbanist and Architect

Dr. Ines Eben von Racknitz

Scholar, Sinologist and Historian

Liu Yi

D&I and Communication expert

Nicolas Grevot

Art and History Lover

Katya Knyazeva

Journalist, Writer and Photographer

Dr. Marcus Hernig

Sinologist, Author and Scholar

RĂ©mi Mazourine

Historian and Teacher

Duncan Hewitt

Newsweek Correspondent

Yolanda vom Hagen


Jan Siefke

Photographer, Co-Founder

Dr. Shen Qilan

Art Critic and Author

Janny Chyn

Founder Shanghai Pathways

Dr. Pan Tao

Environmental Expert

Dr. Anne Warr

Architect and Author

Dr. Yu Zhejun

Scholar and Philosopher

Dr. Annette Erpenstein

Georgrapher and Urban Planner

Dr. Iris Belle

Assist. Prof., Tongji University

Dr. Fabien Pfaender

Associate Professor, UTSEUS

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