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Shanghai Flaneur creates experiential learning programs that use walking as a methodology and the city as a learning canvas, to fulfill its clients’ diverse interests in China. With a strong network of experts and a creative edge, we add value to any learning journey/ business gathering, executive education program or pleasure visit in Shanghai with programs covering topics such as architecture & urbanization, history, culture, and business & society.

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Shanghai is a fascinating and contrasting place that is best understood by stepping out of the conference room and into the urban environment. Our offerings range from three-hour walks to full day programs and more complex week-long trainings. These translate into different applications: visiting and trend-scouting; team-building and orientation; and creative walkshops.

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Fast-track urbanization has dramatically been changing the faces of Chinese cities during the past decades. For Shanghai as a city with a colonial history “Westernization” or nowadays globalization started even earlier. Join the walk “From Local to Global – in Quest of Shanghai’s Urban and Architectural Identity” with Fanny Hoffmann-Loss on June 23 to trace the former city wall and emerge in modern Shanghai.

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SHANGHAI FLANEUR offers an innovative approach of learning in the city, about the city, around city issues. We use walking as a methodology to transfer knowledge, stimulate creativity, create local awareness for Shanghai and China and encourage open-mindedness.
With diverse professional backgrounds and expertise – architecture, history, culture, photography, urbanization and China studies – the SHANGHAI FLANEUR experts passionately transfer their expertise and contribute to Shanghai Flaneur’s collective knowledge.


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We asked Shanghai Flaneur to organize walks for our conference guests so that they may have a chance to discover this dynamic city. Shanghai-Flaneur definitely delivered, with 5 different themed-walkshops, that impressed even our urban design experts! Our guests felt these outings were a highlight from the two days.

Conference leader of a top management consulting firm

Personally I really enjoyed it! I had never done this (SHANGHAI FLANEUR walk) before. I thought it was a unique and inspiring activity for the office.

Wendy Saunders, Founder of AIM architecture

The City Tours are a great way of gathering our participants and have them spend time together. As the majority of our students is usually from China and many of them are Shanghai locals, they are hesitant to join at first. But once they start walking and talking to the amazing experts who know the city by heart, they love it! We enjoy coming back every year.

Lydia Tetzner, Senior Program Manager Global Politics Seasonal Schools

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